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People should just how bad these people are, they are setting a bad example for children and families, lawyers that work for these people are allowed to outright steal from children's fathers. F.O.C. should be about keeping both parents in children's lives, not turning papa into a homeless ***, papa must be allowed to buy things for there kids and take them places.

Original review posted by user Aug 18, 2015

in 1979 a girl Sue Pinoniemi told me she is pregnant and I am the father against everyone's advise I took her to the DHS signed the papers and set up a hearing for March 21 1980 the day before she told me she did not have a ride I agreed to take her when I picked her up she brings her mother the judge Patrick Dugan ordered me to pay 8 dollars a week and have it garnished from my 57 dollar pay check I was working at Pizza Palace making 2 dollars an hour shortly after her father called my mother and told her I came over he would shoot me shortly after that her boyfriend Jeff Seawert said he was the father and for me to stay away. February 1981 the F.O.C.

took my income tax return and said I was behind on child support I showed them the wage garnishment and court order and they said we want 35 dollars not 8 and we don't care what the judge says while she crumpled up the court order. My boss Robert Lenz refuse to take 35 dollars out of my pay because it would leave me with nothing I went back down to the friend of the court and told them I am not paying child support to put a warrant for my arrest and we will see what the judge says, they never did. In 1991 I talked to lawyers to see if I could fix this they told me I was crazy and if I went over there I could be arrested this is what ruined my life. On Jan.

1 2004 the case was closed on July 18 2007 the statue of limitations was up in 2006 I was awarded Social Security the case was closed so they didn't even try to take any money. On Dec. 1 2011 judge Muriel Hughes signed an order for me to pay 61,990 dollars at a rate of 750 dollars a month until the entire amount is paid the horrible nightmare is back I have trying everything to get a hearing nearly 10,000 dollars in lawyers they just ripped me off if I were a Blackman they wouldn't even try this but if they did I would contact the NAACP and own Michigan if I were a criminal or illegal alien I would have too many constitutional rights to try this.

In Dec 2011 I figured out the case was never filed so having a court order of any kind is physically impossible.

This person wrote the review because of "treating me worst than an animal" of child support case from Wayne County Friend of the Court and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $61990 and wants Wayne County Friend of the Court to "abide by black letter law".

The most disappointing in user's experience was it is the deffinition of the word evil. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States #1345934

Is this James Norman Fayz formerly of michigan?? Because this is Wayne county FOC and we are coming to take all your money.. All the SSI that you get will soon be ours!!

to Anonymous #1397590


Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States #1345927

Yes, were you mad your son contacted you?


we are praying for you


So who's child was it & if you were ordered to pay all that money were you ever given parenting rights? Did you help raise the child or did some other man pose as the dad all those years? Sad story for the child!!

to Anonymous #1049382

I agree this is not about him, but about the child, you bring a child into the world you have to provide for it.

to Anonymous #1053359

I was never given parental rights, why do think I took the girl down to the DHS and signed the papers and took her to the child support hearing. those *** treating me like dirt, they should be thrown in jail. I never got married or have anymore kids, this ruined my life, 2013 I got my first face book page, Ken Pinoniemi my 36 year old son was the first person who contacted me, the rage I feel is unbearable, once my story is made public my miserable life will be complete.

to james369 #1251177

You were outraged that your own son contacted you?

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