We are on both ends, paying and trying to receive. Wayne Co stinks and gave my husbands exwife trip for one kid than I get for 3 in Oakland Co.

Why don't they care about "households" versus income. You'd think it was their money, that they can just take and not have to earn. I also can't believe we can't switch counties when no one even lives in Wayne County any more. Not only did they triple her support because she chooses not to work, they went almost 5 months back on arrearage and threaten to send him to collections and take our next years tax return.

Let's just say the credit cards are maxed because I refuse to let her get the e/o year exemption when we've paid $4500 in the past 3 months. They only imputted 20 hours PT and 2 exemptions for her and 5 for him.

We don't even have 5 people in the household. They have 4, we have 4...what the bleep!

Monetary Loss: $34000.

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