I went to court 11/05/2010 to have my child support started again because my daughter turned 18. showed the paper work from school the judge reversed the child support from 10/01/2010 to 12/31/2010 when i called to ask where money was they gave five different stories. then they finally said that all the money that was collected for six months would go to state my daughter should not suffer because the state is broke .The workers at the friend of the court are extremely rude they show no type of respect to anyone and that is sad.

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My case is old but make no mistake I will keep fighing until I find out what FOC did with 12 years of child support that they collected. I recently found out after raseing 2 children all those years on a waitress wage, that yes they did infact finial collect this money and accidently mailed it to the wrong address.

Yes, that is what I said...The Wrong Address. I made over 30 trips during the years downtown. The checks were all cashed they said by the person that they accidently mailed them to. They said if I want to do anything about it I should hire a lawyer!!!

Oh, The person they mailed the checkes to that cashed them... MY X and His WIfes house!!!! I no this sounds rediculus but it all true. Now I am trying to find a lawyer that will go after FOC and I do have all of the Paper Work that the very rude supervisor printed out for me along with the address in her handwriting where the checks were sent to!!!

CRIMINALS. :cry :( :cry


Also, YOU CAn NEVER get anyone on the phone at FOC Wayne county. It took us 3 days before we could get anyone on the phone and if you do they give you wrong information.

Go to court./ It is one of the worst courts in the world. Its hot and dirty there. and the people there are crabby and useless.

We went to court 3 times and had things had the paynents reduced, it didnt happen for 3 months and then when we called they told us we had to come back and do it all over again. WE give up.

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