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The foc charges too much child support and putting men in poverty. I know, because I have seen my man suffer.

Not only do they take child support but also charge them for two fees to have the money go to the mother and the greedy court. This fee comes up to $500.00 dollars a month plus the child support. My husband is paying $550.00 dollars for a child that is 18 and not his. Asked for a paternity test they told us tuff ***.

Not to mention the mother makes $30.00 dollars an hour and was given free college courses so she could make this type of money. This child lacks nothing except that she wants to see us her mom does not let her. Even if we do see her we do not have the money to spend on her after her greedy mother gets finish with us. I had a job but was injured and wasn't able to work, however, when I did work they included my finances with his.

But I am not allowed to say anything on his behalf to the foc. Even though we are married. If it was not for me this guy wouldn't have a home a car a job not anything. I am sick and tired of women having babies when they know the guy cant support them.

Use birth control ladies and if he has a kid with someone else, don't make another one with him. Women are trapping these guys. they want control and revenge and foc helps them. Why isnt there any programs for the men.

Give them money to go to collage. Help them. What wayne county is doing is unconstitutional. In this age with birth control and everything out there there is no reason for a women to get pregnant unless she wants to be.

The father has no rights , if he doesn't want to be a father. Lets make women also accountable for what they are doing.

Shame on you women. You make the rest of us seem like empty headed, self involved, vengeful women.

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and just like my guy, the woman told him she couldnt get preggo. then when the child was 3yrs old.

knock knock at the must pay chil support for the rest of your life.

for a child he doesnt even see. now hes in jail, and me and my children are being evicted cuz i cant pay all these bills without him.

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